To blog or not to blog…

I guess the first thing I need to respond to myself after I have decided to create a blog is, why do I want to blog and why would anyone else care about what I have to say?  And what’s even more important, do I really have anything to say?

I have been writing and taking rapid notes on notebooks, notepads, loose papers, etc. for many years now and never quite decided to publish them. On the other hand, my work involves lots of writing and publishing. And when I say lots, I mean heaps of the former and hopefully a few of the latter. The truth is that, I do not really know well how, I have ended up buying a fancy machine that serves me both as a laptop and as a notebook. And so here I am, trying to make the most out of it and what’s more important, every buck I spent on it worth it. So, what am I planning to be writing about? I am not so sure yet but I guess it will mostly be about my personal interests. Could it be otherwise? Well, and what are my interests then? My interests are quite broad and often disconnected from each other and include aspects associated with the general functioning of the world around us. Ecology and Nature in general will be recurrent topics, I suppose. I am also interested in cultural aspects of the way we humans live which, as you may have already imagined, can comprise almost anything that attracts my attention. This is, most of the times, I ought to say, a quite random thing, from traditional music and dances of the world to prehistoric cultures and civilizations or the Spanish literature of the XIX century.

And I’ll be leaving it there for now, with no promises but with the hope that I’ll be able to construct at last something that’s both satisfying for me and worth the read for you.

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