CAPERmed: Coordinating the study of air pollution and climate change in the Mediterranean Basin

My newest article, entitled “Ecological impacts of atmospheric pollution and interactions with climate change in terrestrial ecosystems of the Mediterranean Basin: Current research and future directions“, is now online. A dream come true!

This is an amazing effort from more than thirty researchers, most of us from countries in the Mediterranean Basin, in which we not only review the effects of air pollution and climate change on our ecosystems, but also propose a way forward through CAPERmed, a coordinated scientific platform to discuss ideas and, hopefully soon, inform and influence our policymakers, and thus our society, in a way that matters.

This is also the culmination of an idea and a vision that María Arróniz-Crespo and I had many years ago while I was still doing my PhD. A vision that could only see the light of day thanks to Silvana Munzi, who rapidly became the soul of CAPERmed and the go-to person.

Like Naomi Klein says in her book “This changes everything, “only love will save our planet”. And to me, this article is, above all things, a demonstration of love. So, please, read the article and share it if you wish but, most importantly, participate with us of our love and respect for our region and our ecosystems, which I extend to our people and traditions, so we can, through a collective effort, show to our fellow humans that we care and that we do not want to waste our millenary legacy for a few silver coins.

Because we are almost 500 million and the current humanitarian and migrant crisis will only get worse if we do not take action! 

Because air pollution and climate change are already killing people and reducing our quality of life, and not only in cities!

But, most importantly, because this is all we’ve got and, if we lose it, we lose everything!

Thanks to everyone and…

Long live to CAPERmed!

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