Breaking news: I will start a new research lab at the University of Cádiz in January 2019

As a result of my recently awarded Ramón y Cajal Fellowship, I will move to the University of Cádiz, where I will start a new adventure as a lab PI.

The tentative name of the lab will be “Functional and Ecosystems Ecology Lab” and will cover many aspects related to the structure and functioning of terrestrial ecosystems, from basic research questions about how ecosystems work to more applied questions related to the consequences of global change impacts and how we can reverse them.

I intent to build a multidisciplinary and dynamic group where researchers from all levels along the scientific career path can feel scientifically and personally stimulated. My final goal is to be able to contribute to a better society through the generation of ecological knowledge.

During the next few months I will update the content and aspect of this webpage to accommodate it to this new stage in my scientific career and bring you the latest news about my research.

Stay tuned for more updates here!


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